Place of business: Centers in villages Březejc and Lhotka and on land in the Land Register Office Velké Meziříčí , Dolní Radslavice, Kůsky, Martinice, Sviny, Jabloňov, Ruda

We have 35 employees, 4 of them are in management.

                       - 20 employees work in agriculture 

                       - 15 is employed in the plastic mill.


   In its business is primarily engaged in the operation of agricultural production, but since 2000 we also provide the associated production - moulding of plastics products for household and for the automotive industry. Since 2005, our company is certified ISO 9001:2001 for the field of plastics moulding.

We currently manage 673 ha of leased agricultural land, and 15 hectares of our own land. We grow especially cereals, that serves as well as for security our own feed base for livestock production as for sale, in particular as a seed for Oseva Brno. Furthermore we grow 12 ha of grass seed on the other fields growing crops to secure our feed base and we have 148 ha permanent grassland. In 2003, our company finished its long-standing intention to built a new stable for 150 dairy cows. This year we made the reconstruction in the old cowshed K96 on a stable with free stabling for heifers. In animal production, we concentrate on milk production and fattening, slaughter bulls. We currently have 180 dairy cows with lactation average 7500 kg milk / year (until 2003 in the old stables, we had milk up to 5800 kg of milk per cow per year), 170 head of bulls, 180 heifers and 120 pigs.

In 2005 a new hall was built for machines that provides us deposit of machines in the period out of their use.

In year 2006 we bought:

- new tractor CASE IH CVX 1195

- new tractor CASE JX  90

- telescopic loader Manitou MLT 735 120 LSU

- Disc stubble plough Gregore Besson XRVP 4,8

In year  2007

- gathering machine Pottinger Jumbo 7200 L

In year 2008 was implemented long-term plan to repair the old cowshed, which was since the construction of the new cowshed unused. The old cowshed was rebuilt to free stabling for young heifers and pregnant heifers.